Brasil Fest Brno

Veronika Lálová and André Negrão

Veronika Lálová shot to fame as winner of StarDance 2016 with Zdeněk Piškula, and was a finalist in 2018 with David Svoboda. This year she lit up Rio’s prestigious carnival, where she was chosen as one of the 10 best dancers, and was the first ever Czech dancer to take part in this illustrious event. The carnival samba is also her greatest passion, and she’s studied it several times on dance courses in Brazil itself. Veronika is also a multiple Czech champion in partnered and solo salsa. André is a professional dancer from Rio de Janeiro who’s been professionally dancing since he was 14, mainly the Lambada. He is now settled in Prague, where he runs his own dance studio and is sought after dancer. Pairing up with Veronika, the two have been focusing on partnered Brazilian dance for several years now.

Dance show

Brazil, Prague